Mark Baldino

Mark Baldino is a design industry leader with over two decades of expertise in UX and Human-Centered Design. As co-founder of Fuzzy Math, a renowned UX design and innovation consultancy based in Chicago, Mark has worked with clients all around the world.

In addition to building and managing a 20-person design studio, he has also helped establish and train UX teams for some of the largest companies on the planet. At Fuzzy Math, Mark’s guiding principles are “Do good work. Be good people.” He is passionate about promoting “goodness” in design, and works tirelessly to create digital products and services that not only reflect the highest levels of craftsmanship, but also positively impact the lives of their users.

Mark has led engagement with a number of the world’s most prominent companies, including KPMG, Allstate, Hyatt Hotels, Microsoft, and GE Healthcare.

Contribution to our blog:

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