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I’ve always firmly believed that LinkedIn is the premier social networking site simply because it has a clear focus and reason to exist. Ask anyone what they use Facebook for and you get a zillion answers. You’ll get three or four for LinkedIn. And it’s really the only one that I use and track with any regularity.

How one small business uses LinkedIn

Besides general networking at Fuzzy Math we use LinkedIn to:

  • Recruit talent It’s a great resource for finding new talent and reviewing potential candidate work experience.
  • Analyze competitors We find similar companies and see how they position themselves and contacts we might have in common.
  • Generate and follow sales leads We get leads through LinkedIn and it’s the first place we go to review a company prior to a sales call.

Follow Fuzzy Math on LinkedIn

We actively maintain the Fuzzy Math company page but what has been missing are more robust mechanisms for managing and viewing companies. One of those features was released a few weeks back. It’s now possible to follow a company on LinkedIn as explained on their blog. We’ve already starting following current, past, and potential clients as well as companies in the same field.

If you are interested, hit the Fuzzy Math LinkedIn page and follow us. For now those updates are limited to hiring and firing and some profile updates.

If the future I would love to see LinkedIn increase the functionality of the company pages to include all of the rich social interactions and apps that are now part of a personal profile. It would be great to include a deck about Fuzzy Math, show blog posts (already included), or have clients write a recommendations about Fuzzy Math. I’m hopeful some of these are coming.

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