Digital transformation is more than implementing new technology into your processes — it starts and ends with your users.

When companies grow and age they need to adapt to the changing technology landscape. Fuzzy Math’s UX design and digital transformation services can help you rethink how your company uses technology to update business processes and improve customer experiences. Whether it’s moving services from analog to digital or refreshing outdated technology, our team can help you find better ways to meet user needs and business goals.

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What is digital transformation? 

Digital transformation is the process of incorporating technology into all areas of your business, and leveraging new technologies to meet your business goals. 

Use technology to your advantage

Digital transformation can be an intimidating venture for companies since it can require fundamental shifts in how business is run. While change can be scary, undergoing digital business transformation means your company is stepping up its game and preparing itself for the future. Our digital transformation and UX design services can help you find innovative ways to use technology to your business’s advantage and continue to grow and adapt as time goes on. Don’t let new technology outdate your company. We can help you discover new and innovative ways to streamline your processes and improve your output.

Stay ahead of your competition

Implementing a digital transformation strategy takes your company to the next level and sets you apart from the competition. We can help you improve your users’ experiences and find out how to better meet their needs. While your competitors continue using outdated methods, you’ll be ahead of the game and ready for what’s next with reimagined ways of doing business. 

Understand your users

Our UX design process gives you insight into your users and their goals. We implement UX research best practices to understand how your products and processes can go beyond the status quo and improve your users’ experiences. Through user surveys, in-depth one-on-one user interviews, and more, we can help you understand how your users think today and look forward to how your digital transformation can help them accomplish their goals in the future.

The risks and costs of legacy systems

At the end of the day, if you’re dealing with legacy software, it’s not hard to see that the technical costs and investment in supporting legacy systems and is simply unsustainable. But a transformation strategy is about much more than updating software to what’s new and trendy. The best results come when your modernization effort aligns with your business goals (and your user goals!) to make lasting, sustainable changes that will carry your company further into the future.

Fuzzy Math’s approach starts with identifying your business goals and pain points, before walking back to investigate what a digital transformation means from a change perspective. From there, we work closely with you, our clients, to create a path to bring legacy software into modern frameworks.


Fuzzy Math co-founder Mark Baldino on the risks and costs of legacy software and how to fix it:

A digital transformation built for your business goals

Fuzzy Math's digital transformation services are aligned with your business goals from start to end, delivering tactical recommendations and designs built for results. We do this by rooting our process on a solid understanding of your industry, your ecosystem, and (yes) your users.
  • seo-zoom

    UX Assessments and Competitive Analysis

    Baseline assessments that define the current state, detail design opportunities, and provide insight into the market.

    Learn more about  Competitive Analysis

  • user-network

    Product and User Research

    Ethnographic design research to identify gaps and understand what where the opportunities for digital transformation can slot in to a larger digital product strategy.

    Learn more about  UX Research

  • diagram-fall-rise-steady

    Personas and Journey Maps

    Easily understood representations of research findings that help the entire organization understand the users and processes involved.

    Learn more about  Journey Maps

  • light-bulb-1

    Concepts and Opportunities

    Develop and showcase a broad range of opportunities for digital innovation through visual storytelling. We help teams break from the status quo and see the future.
  • road-straight

    UX and Product Roadmaps

    Where do we go from here? We'll work with your team to determine the best way to bring the digital transformation to reality, balancing user value with buisness goals and capabilities.
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