With Fuzzy Math's help we were able to not only build a stunning new platform, but also successfully pilot enterprise UX and firmly establish the voice of our clients at the center of our product development strategy. They played an essential role in helping us re-envision our product experience and tune it from the ground up around the needs of our customers.

Chief Operations Officer, Wonderlic

Problems We Solve

Throughout our years designing SaaS products, we’ve seen the same problems over and over again.

If the burden of understanding a product falls on the user…

Conversions are low because of the effort it takes for potential customers to understand how and why they need the product.

If the user requires too much help from customer service…

Phones are ringing off the hook. Request logs grow exponentially while Net Promoter Scores (NPS) take a nosedive. If your user can’t navigate a product without help, they’re unlikely to become a referral in the future.

If the product was originally designed to suit the needs of a few, hyper-specific clients…

The product is not scalable or flexible enough for it to grow to serve as many customers as possible.


Customer-facing problems require customer-facing solutions. Our human-centered design process starts with examining your SaaS product and your customers to identify pain points and opportunities. No matter the problem, we’ll work directly with your team to prioritize the strategic moves that will align your product with SaaS UX best practices.


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    Best Practices & Scorecards

    Is your SaaS platform underperforming? We’ll help you uncover how your tool stacks up against industry standards and identify opportunities for improvement.

    Learn more about our  SaaS UX Scorecard

  • Product Strategy & UX Road Mapping

    We help Saas companies prioritize development efforts by creating UX road maps and planning for the design, development, and implementation of enterprise applications.

    Learn more about our   Digital Product Strategy Services

  • UX Research & Ethnographic Design Research

    Through user-centered ethnographic research, we understand the people who purchase, use, and manage SaaS products and services. We identify user goals and pain points in order to help our clients deliver innovative solutions.
  • UX Organization Design & Team Training

    We’ve built, grown, and developed internal UX teams for SaaS software teams big and small.

    Learn more about our  UX Organization Design Services

  • SaaS Product Design & Testing

    We combine deep expertise in SaaS user experience with the business and user goals of our clients to deliver engaging, easy-to-use information architecture, product workflow, and UI design, including validation across SaaS customers.

    Learn more about our  UX/UI Design Services

Our Team

Whether you need to better understand your consumers or overhaul your SaaS platform completely, our team of diverse talents will work with you to identify user pain points and architect a solution that works for your users and your business.
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    Information Architect

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    User Researcher

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    UX Designer

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    Visual Designer

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    Product Designer

Tools & Applications

We've Helped Design

  • Wonderlic Human Resources Software
  • BenchPrep Learning Management System
  • RNL Fundraising and Outreach Software for Higher Education
  • VectorMarks Project Management Software for Investment Firms
  • Enterprise Resource Management Software (ERP)
  • TaxSlayer Consumer Tax Filing Software
  • Unqork No-Code Financial Service Platform
  • Agentis Energy Analytics and Management Software
  • Workforce Logic Contingent Workforce Management Solution and Vendor Management System (VMS)
  • SAP Fieldglass Contingent Labor Management
  • Catalytic Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Platform
  • EPAY Time Tracking and Payroll Processing Software
  • NPD Group: Manufacturer and Retailer Price Forecasting Software

Interested in our SaaS UX Services?

We'd love to speak with you about your project and how our user experience services can help.

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