Recent client work: Diamond, Edelman Digital, and NexTag

It has been very busy the past few months here at Fuzzy Math. We haven’t had much time to talk about what we’ve been up to so here’s some of our recent clients.

We provided strategy, site reviews, user experience insights, and prototyping on social media, education, b2b, and e-commerce projects.

Diamond Management and Technology Consultants

Chicago, Illinois

As the name suggests Diamond is a management and technology consultancy with clients and officers world-wide. Diamond serves a variety of clients and many different industries.

Edelman Digital

Chicago, Illinois

Edelman Digital is an arm of Edelman, a global communications firm. They specialize in the digital realm working closely with social media.


San Mateo, California

NexTag is an online comparison-shopping resource that allows shoppers to quickly compare prices and numerous products and services, even education and degree programs.

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