Fuzzy Math’s UX design training can help you kickstart a new team, or align an existing team around an optimized design practice. 

Our training services distill what we’ve learned over our 10+ years as Chicago’s premier UX design provider, tailored to the needs and proficiency of your team. 

Let’s Work Together

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Clients We’ve Trained

Our training has been applied across a number of different industries, team sizes, and customer backgrounds. All of our content is based on our real-world expertise as practitioners of design, leveraging our own UX case studies to provide deep insight into the actual application of UI/UX design and product strategy. Your team will learn from the same people who implement the design process for our clients.

While the foundation of our training curriculum is shared, the specific topics, content, format, exercises, and discussions are highly customized to meet your needs.

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Get the most out of your UX design team

Many organizations have made an investment in design, but most have yet to realize the full benefits that design can bring. We’ll help you evaluate where you’re at today, and develop an action plan uniquely suited to your goals.

How UX Training Can Elevate Your Team

  • Become a customer-oriented team
  • Gain insight from curriculum based on real-world experience
  • Receive customized content for your team & organization
  • Learn from career design practitioners, not professional speakers
  • Build practical skills for immediate impact
  • Develop long-term plans to advance your organization
  • Participate in team-building through practice & pragmatism

Sketches created by participants in Fuzzy Math's hands on, interactive UX training workshop

Optimize your UX team 

A high functioning design team is comprised of people with a clear understanding of their role, able to work autonomously or alongside other designers, using a familiar and standardized set of tools toward a common purpose. If this doesn’t sound like your team yet, don’t worry — we’ll help you get there.

Based on a thorough understanding of your team, and your goals, we’ll tailor a training program designed uniquely to your needs. Whether your team is full of experienced designers wanting to refine their skills, or you want to develop UX skills for non-designers, our UX training program will provide hands-on workshops, easy-to-use documentation and templates, and ongoing support to help you realize your goals.

UX Design Training Services

  • UX Design Workshops
  • Process Audit and Needs Assessment
  • UX Methods Playbook Development
  • UX Project Management Training
  • Skill Development Specific to Your Team’s Needs
  • Interim Design Team Leadership

UX ebook: Accelerate Your Design Team with an External Design Partner
Unsure how to use a 3rd party alongside your team? Our eBook Accelerate Your Design Team with an External Design Partner can help you make this partnership work effectively for any team situation.

Expand your team’s capacity the right way

Knowing how to hire designers, who to hire, and how to structure your team can be a challenge. We’ll help you sort it all out, working with you to define the roles that make sense, write job descriptions, and target the right candidates in the competitive UX hiring market. We can even help you interview and evaluate prospective UX hires, providing insight from over a decade of design and hiring experience.

Team success doesn’t end with the right hires. Keeping your team engaged and providing meaningful feedback is key to continued success. We’ll help define practices that keep your team happy as they grow.

UX Hiring Services

  • Team Evaluation and Needs Assessment
  • UX Team Architecture and Role Definition
  • Hands-on Hiring Support
  • UX Team Management Support

Learn from design practitioners with Fuzzy Math's UX training and hiring services. Two Fuzzy Math UX researchers are conducting synthesis of user experience testing research, working at a glass wall with sticky notes on it. One person is talking and gesturing while the other is writing on a sticky note on the glass wall

UX Organization Design

Need holistic change? Our UX Organization Design services go beyond training and hiring to ensure your team is optimally structured and positioned within the broader organization.

We’ll help define best practices that then become your training curriculum, and provide a target org chart to hire toward.

Learn More

Align training with in-flight projects

While our UX Training and Hiring services can stand on their own, many clients have found value in a paired approach, with a product-focused project in tandem to training efforts. Our collaborative process allows your team to learn alongside our experienced practitioners as they execute product strategy and UI/UX design with the users and products your company cares most about.

Methods We Teach

  • Basics of user-centered-design
  • Design research & strategy
  • Innovation & concepting
  • Planning & roadmapping
  • Iterative interface design
  • Delivery, integration, & ongoing support of design efforts

Roles & Teams We Train

  • productmanagement

    Product Management

  • design-research

    Design & Research

  • devntechnical

    Development & Technical

  • marketing


  • salesnbizdev

    Sales & Business Development

  • customerservice

    Customer Service

  • executivesnleadership

    Executives & Leadership

  • agiledev

    Agile Development

  • enterpriseorg

    Enterprise Organizations

  • heartphone

    Mobile Focused

Topics We Cover

  1. Shifting to a more customer-centric organization
  2. User experience design for interactive products & apps
  3. User experience design for cross-discipline or non-technical teams
  4. Integrating user experience design into your company
  5. Building and sustaining your own user experience design discipline
  6. Designing for real-world experience and in-person services

Training Format

  • calendar-1


    1-10 days
  • user-group

    Group Size

    5-50 participants
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    Pre-session consultation, curriculum customization, in-person training, and structured follow-ups
  • location-pin-2


    Local, national, and international UXD training
  • places-home-1


    Here at our office in Chicago, third party off-site in Chicago or your location, or on-site at your location
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