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UX Design Services

The Fuzzy Math team brings clarity and usability to your product with a passion for uncovering insights to benefit users and business.

Digital Product Strategy

Better UX starts with a solid foundation of digital product strategy. Whether you’re building something from scratch, overhauling a legacy product, or pivoting and extending into new areas, a good product strategy will help ensure the outcome of your efforts meet and exceed goals. At Fuzzy Math, we believe good strategy starts with people — understanding the people who will use, buy, and be impacted by your product is essential to delivering value and winning over customers.

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Digital Transformation Consulting

When companies grow and age they need to adapt to the changing technology landscape. Fuzzy Math’s UX design and digital transformation services can help you rethink how your company uses technology to update business processes and improve customer experiences. Whether it’s moving services from analog to digital or refreshing outdated technology, our team can help you find better ways to meet user needs and business goals.

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UI/UX Design Consulting

Your digital products deserve beautiful, engaging interfaces that get work done. UI design builds on product strategy to craft the end experience to your users — the components they see, hear, and interact with. We have deep experience in UI/UX design for feature-rich applications needing responsive web design, single-feature touch screen applications, consumer websites, and products in between and beyond.

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UX Research

For established products, how do you wrangle a nonstop feed of bug reports and customer requests into meaningful product updates? For new products, how do you whittle down the potential feature set when every discussion opens the door to another “what if it also did…”? In either case, user research is the key to uncovering the root cause of existing issues and understanding the real value and use cases behind feature additions and updates. Your users will be happier, and your business and product will be stronger.

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AI Integration Through UX Design

At Fuzzy Math, our expert AI integration services help reshape user experiences and drive digital innovation. As a leading UX and product strategy consultancy, we specialize in seamlessly incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into your digital products and solutions, revolutionizing user experiences that captivate, engage, and drive your business forward.

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Organization & Team Services

We’ll equip your organization with the processes to drive design throughout the company and showcase the power of design.

UX Organization Design

We recognize that a good UX team requires support from within and from the rest of the organization. We’ll equip your UX team with the process and standards needed to drive design throughout the company and showcase the power of design through successful projects.

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UX Training and Hiring

Fuzzy Math’s UX design training can help you kickstart a new team, or align an existing team around an optimized design practice. Our training services distill what we’ve learned over our 10+ years as Chicago’s premier UX design provider, tailored to the needs and proficiency of your team.

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Always bringing our best to the clients we work with.

Frequently Asked Questions

So, why are you called "Fuzzy Math"?

No, we’re not math tutors.


Our human-centered design process is rooted in real people — who can always be a little “fuzzy” — but every decision that we make is driven by research and data — that’s the “math”. It’s the balance between these two that drives actionable, realistic change for our clients and their end customers.


We bring our design expertise to every project, always open to new ideas and strategies that fit the unique challenges we face. Our client relationships are built on trust and open communication, allowing us to provide customized solutions. It’s this mix of a reliable design process and our flexible mindset that drives our success at “Fuzzy Math.”

What makes Fuzzy Math different from other agencies?

What sets Fuzzy Math apart from other agencies is our commitment to involving clients in the design journey, granting them substantial ownership of the process. We’re not just a “work for hire” agency; we believe in your active involvement at every step. Unlike the conventional “see you in a month” approach, we prioritize frequent check-ins and close collaboration, ensuring you know our team members personally.


Our team is deeply knowledgeable, boasting unparalleled expertise in UX across the design process. Through a mix of hands-on research, seasoned experiences, and professional empathy, we discover needs both unrealized and expressed so that we can deliver on our promise to champion people as people, not only users. We embrace and respect the complexity of industries and challenges that arise from them by continually striving for simplicity — the common denominator in all useful and enjoyable user experiences.


Our niche focus on UX design means that we’re here to solve your user and usability problems. But it doesn’t stop at design; we go beyond creating UI. We provide strategic value by offering digital product strategy, ensuring that your project is aligned with your broader goals. Our ultimate aim is to deliver user experiences that genuinely connect and resonate, and we know we’re not successful unless you’re an integral part of the process.

Why should I hire an external team that specializes in the UX design process?

With over 12 years of working with companies of all sizes, from large enterprise teams to start-ups, we’ve seen firsthand how a fresh perspective from industry experts can broaden possibilities beyond a company’s internal priorities. Our team of highly skilled and diverse designers means we can build a team that will best suit your project and business needs. We bring to the table a new process of working that deviates from the status quo, opening the door for innovative solutions and creative thinking. With our shared ownership approach to our design process, we will bring you along to ensure that stakeholder deadlines are met and that the solutions we design not only benefit the users, but the business as well.


Read more about how to Accelerate Your Design Team With an External Design Partner

What does a successful client engagement look like at Fuzzy Math?

A successful client engagement with Fuzzy Math is a collaborative partnership. While we are experts in design and the design process, you have your own expertise in your industry or with your product. Our most successful engagements have clients who are actively involved week-to-week and have a defined project goal from the outset. We aim to align our design expertise with the client’s business goals, ensuring both voices are heading toward the same objective. With kick off workshops, concepting activities, and regular design reviews, we aim to foster open learning and engagement on both sides of the table. We excel at bringing clients along for the journey, provided they are open to seeing things from a different perspective.

What metrics do you use to measure a project's success?

Whether you are building a consumer-facing digital product or building internal tools for your company, Fuzzy Math advises all clients who want to establish a mature UX organization to set and track design metrics. These metrics provide the continuous pulse of your users and, once aligned with business KPIs, connect design to overall business health. We know there is not a one size fits all approach when it comes to tracking metrics, so we work hard to align our process with your business goals and ensure that the design metrics and KPIs for your design department will help you to champion design with business.

Do you work with clients in different countries?

Yes, we have extensive experience with working with clients across the globe. Fuzzy Math operates as a remote-first organization, with team members spread across the United States who are masters in effective communication and project management strategies to navigate different time zones. We have honed our remote collaboration model, ensuring smooth interactions with clients from various countries, including India, Canada, Italy, and the UK. Our global experience has fostered an adaptive and efficient culture that consistently delivers exceptional results while embracing clients’ unique needs worldwide.

Do you work with startups?

Yes, we collaborate with clients of all sizes, encompassing enterprise-level organizations to start-ups, across industries. We are passionate about helping start-ups bring their ideas to life, utilizing a user-centric approach grounded in research to drive business forward. If you are a startup seeking to discuss your project requirements, please reach out to us. We will work closely with you to comprehend your vision, objectives, and budget to ensured a tailored approach for your project.

Do you offer full-stack development services?

The short answer is no. We focus exclusively on UX and UI design, which allows us to work towards the best possible solution for your users without pushing (or being limited by) one tech stack or another.


While we don’t offer development services, our team is intimately familiar with the process of moving design through the development stages of a product. With our design system services, design QA, and implementation support, we will work with third-party developers or your own in-house team to effectively and efficiently hand off our work, ensuring that we are there to answer questions at every step along the way to launching your product.


And if you need suggestions on a third-party development team, we’ve worked with a few of the best, and are happy to make suggestions!

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