Design services adapted to your needs

Digital Product Strategy

We’ll help you define a new product, or refine an old one, to ensure it’s solving the right problems for the right people.

UI Design

Our team of experienced UX and visual designers will work with your team to craft and implement engaging, intuitive digital interfaces.

UX Organization Design

We’ll leverage our 10+ years of experience to help you optimize your UX team, from high-level team structure to detailed process templates.

UX Training & Hiring

Looking to grow? Our team helps designers and non-designers alike level up their human-centered design skills through customized training. Hiring support can help your team intelligently add capacity and support new staff.

Why Choose Fuzzy Math

Fuzzy Math delivers world class user experiences for digital products and services. We are exclusively dedicated to user-centered design that solves real problems for real people. With this focus in mind, we provide you with only the most critical recommendations with no unnecessary upsell.

Our proven UX design services are geared at getting your team from problem to positive outcome and beyond.

Engage & Delight Users

Happy users stay longer, spend more, and spread the word. We’ll help you deeply understand customer needs and behavior, resulting in positive user engagement, better product reviews, and a reduced need for technical support.

See how we helped a hospitality leader engage travelers throughout their journey   Learn More


Win the Market Through Design

Our clients bring business experience to the table, but know that design isn’t their strong suit. We’ll fill gaps in expertise by helping you understand your own blind spots, as well as the weaknesses of you competition, to win more business.

See how we helped Wonderlic win sales through effective SaaS design   Learn More

Bringing Efficiency to Complex systems

Sophisticated technology can solve many problems, but too often fail to address fundamental workflow issues, leaving opportunities unmet. We’ll help you investigate the real workflows in place today and craft novel solutions that minimize waste and elevate value.

See how we helped VelocityEHS streamline workflow to improve worker safety   Learn More

Align Around a Prioritized Roadmap

With a large backlog of ideas and competing agendas, it can be hard for businesses to know which is the right next step. Through research, strategy, and collaborative roadmapping, we’ll help your team envision the future and understand how to get there.

See how we helped Availity bring multiple product teams together through design   Learn More


A trusted UX partner to hundreds of clients

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We design enterprise applications that scale and optimize UX teams for some of the largest companies in the world.


We’ve enabled our clients to deliver award-winning UX for healthcare products, improving digital experiences for patients, clinicians, and administrators.


We deliver effective user experience design that meet the needs of end users while demonstrating clear value to managers making purchase decisions.

People, Process, and Data

User experience design unites the goals that exist between business, marketing, sales, and technology. But more than anything, UX design is a mindset of advocacy that prioritizes user needs and acknowledges them as the gateway to reaching business goals. Whether yours is to grow strategically, capture and engage customers, or see beyond your own area of expertise, our approach is to apply what we know to what you’re building, so that it’s easy for customers to be happy.

We thrive at the intersection of peopleprocess, and data. Our approach embraces and respects the complexity of industries and challenges that arise from them by continually striving for simplicity – the common denominator in all useful and enjoyable user experiences.

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