The math is simple: Empowered users become satisfied customers, and satisfied customers turn businesses into success stories. 

Fuzzy Math solves for the unknown factors in that equation through agile teamwork, an intense focus on efficiency, and more than nine years of experience identifying and eliminating pain points for our clients and their customers alike.

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Why Clients Choose Fuzzy Math

Fuzzy Math delivers world class user experiences for digital products and services. We are  dedicated exclusively to practicing and implementing user-centered design that solves real problems for real people. With this focus in mind, we’re able to make only the most critical recommendations without upselling the unnecessary. Instead of treating our work as a series of standalone services, we think of our offerings as lenses that we look through in the process of helping clients achieve their goals.

Engaging and delighting users

Happy users stay longer, spend more, and spread the word. Clients who work with us get to walk a mile in their customers’ shoes, resulting in fewer customer complaints, reduced call center volume, and less resources dedicated to customer support.

Winning the market through design

Our clients bring business experience to the table, but know that design isn’t their strong suit. We fill gaps in expertise by helping them understand their own blind spots, as well as the weaknesses of their competition, to win more business.

Bringing efficiency to complex systems

Inefficiencies from the inside affect how users interact with products and services on the outside. We solve bottlenecks and information overload to make customer-facing interactions enjoyable from both sides.

Prioritizing for growth

We help organizations in motion make sure they’re moving in the right direction. Through internal and external validation, visioning, and road-mapping, we give teams who get things done the tactical next steps to actualizing and maintaining growth.

Aligning internal teams

We know that businesses with many moving parts can stagnate under the weight of multiple teams, divisions, and acquisitions. We remove the burden of aligning everyone under the same goal by serving as a design partner. Together, we ensure that design is a top priority, user needs come first, and all efforts work in unison, even when scaling up.

Developing for impact

We help clients become more aware of how antiquated systems and painful launch cycles create sticking points in their products, then work to modernize from within and eliminate them once and for all, making experiences more pleasant across the board.

Where We Excel

User experience design unites the goals that exist between business, marketing, sales, and technology. But more than anything, UX design is a mindset of advocacy that prioritizes user needs and acknowledges them as the gateway to reaching business goals. Whether yours is to grow strategically, capture and engage customers, or see beyond your own area of expertise, our approach is to apply what we know to what you’re building, so that it’s easy for customers to be happy.

We thrive at the intersection of people, process, and data. Our approach embraces and respects the complexity of industries and challenges that arise from them by continually striving for simplicity – the common denominator in all useful and enjoyable user experiences.

Fuzzy Math combines top-notch technical acumen with a down-to-earth vibe, a rarity in our industry.

SVP of Strategic Communications, NORC at the University of Chicago

What We Deliver

Our services work together cohesively to form lenses that we look through to help clients achieve their goals, and the goals of their customers.
  • designthinking

    Design Thinking

    User needs and business goals can peacefully coexist when design thinking is present. We introduce clients to the benefits that curiosity, empathy, and human-centered design have in solving current sticking points and anticipating future challenges. With a new framework that brings order to chaos, clients find success by putting the customer first, thereby reducing friction in their products and services.
  • userresearch

    User Research

    User research is a necessary practice for understanding how people think, live, and work, so we can deliver on their needs with design informed by their truth. With an empathetic ear, our team listens to truly hear what target audiences have to say before conducting primary research, facilitating workshops, and co-creating with users who feel represented in the products they use every day.
  • informationarchitecture

    Information Architecture

    Information architecture informs and inspires the way users interact with your world. Careful attention to the way we structure, organize, and label information results in experiences that are easier to build, use, and maintain for everyone who comes in contact with them.
  • contentstrategy

    Content Strategy

    Content strategy supports design by delivering meaning in practice. We work closely with clients to understand how their users consume content and communicate their needs before mapping for style, tone, and voice that complements the journey ahead.
  • Interactiondesign

    Interaction Design

    Every experience makes up an interaction, but not every interaction makes for a great experience. Our team prioritizes ease of use and enjoyment of tasks as a necessity, so that everyday tools, products, and applications become exceptional on purpose.
  • visualdesignnbranding

    Visual Design & Branding

    Visual design is the expression engine behind the ideas, values, and beliefs that set brands apart. We’re a team of translators that unite the many elements that become a brand’s unique language, including style standards to ensure consistency and coherence for use in any context.
  • frontenddevelopment

    Front-End Development

    Front-end development packs personality into standard interactions while meeting goals for performance. We develop responsive HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for use in page templates and pattern libraries, so that clients with complex digital presences can ensure usability, consistency, and maintainability from page to page.

Get to Know Fuzzy Math

We’re user experience practitioners that believe design is at its best when it can translate, mediate, and unify the needs of businesses and their customers. We don’t chase technology philosophies, strict methodologies or rigid frameworks. We don’t adhere to strict protocols. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ thinking here. Instead, we apply what we know to how businesses operate, all in the name of helping our clients solve for their problems in context. The result is highly specialized solutions resulting in easier decisions and more enjoyable experiences.

Learn About Our Process

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