3-Month Paid UX Internship at Fuzzy Math

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Fuzzy Math is seeking one or two part-time interns for a 3 month stint at Fuzzy Math. You’ll get hands on experience with how UX is applied in a studio environment. You’ll not only learn from a talented group of practitioners but deliver on projects and build your portfolio.

We structure our internships to provide you with enough time to get up to speed before turning you loose on project. The first month of the internship is almost pure observation – we invite the you to every meeting and ensure you are drinking from the FM firehose. The second month is spent shadowing other team members and performing work in parallel. None of the work is meant to be delivered to clients and our interns aren’t engaged directly on client projects. As we shift into the final month we start to focus on delivery. Our interns create designs and present them to other team members. We focus the final month on helping our interns create client-ready deliverables and understand some of the demands of project work without being in the critical path.

Hours: 16-20 per week spread over 2 or 3 days. We’ll need you in the office between 9 and 5 but can be flexible given school or other job schedules.

When: Soon — starting late January and lasting 10 to 12 weeks. We’ll also be hiring for a FT Summer 2013 Intern so feel free to express interest in that position if applicable.

How: Send your resume and portfolio to jobs@fuzzymath.com

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