Our team embraces the complexity of your business to deliver solutions that work.

We believe that design shouldn’t be a process that makes us look good, but rather a process that makes the user feel good about themselves.

Through a mix of hands-on research, seasoned experiences, and professional empathy, we discover needs both latent and expressed so that we can deliver on our promise to champion people as people, not only users.

Our client roster is small and stable, which means that those we work with get an agile, all-hands approach to project problem solving. When you work with us, you’ll know us by name and face. You’ll collaborate with us to ensure constant contact and communication, and you’ll know exactly what goals are being met until the project is complete.

6 guiding principles

Do Good Work. 
Be Good People.

  1. Bring our best.

    We’re a multi-talented team with a diverse blend of experiences. We’re passionate about our craft — dedicated, hardworking, and invested in applying our expertise.
  2. Think, then do.

    We listen, digest, and learn. We place a premium on thoughtful consideration — and balance that with action.
  3. Be kind, be humble.

    We are friendly, patient, and conscientious. We’re proud of what we do, and know we don’t accomplish anything alone.
  4. Communicate with purpose.

    We’re a smart group. We speak and write with intention, and do our best to share our work in ways that are understandable and useful for everyone.
  5. Stay flexible.

    We’re curious, open-minded, and eager to try new things. Our hunger to learn and willingness to change helps us all get a little bit better every day.
  6. Support each other.

    We foster a trusting design environment where candid feedback is shared and received across disciplines. We are advocates for the people who interact with our designs, for our clients, and for one another.

Fuzzy Math Gives Back

For the planet

Earth Conscious

As a member of 1% FOR THE PLANET, we are committed to donating 1% of our yearly gross revenue to qualifying environmental organizations around the world.


Youth Mentorship

Through Spark we’ve helped mentor middle-school students through apprenticeships in design, helping them understand the job and what it means to be a designer.


LGBTQ+ Empowerment

We partnered with Maven Youth to host a Tech Camp for LGBTQ+ youth, introducing them to the concepts of research and user-centered design, and empowering them to design and create their own products.

Pro Bono Projects

Chicago Architecture Foundation

Chicago Architecture Foundation

We crafted a strategy for expanding their design education platform targeted at high school, DiscoverDesign.

Read the case study

Active Transportation Alliance

Active Transportation Alliance

As strong supporters of ActiveTrans‘s mission to create a “transportation environment in Chicagoland that values safety, health, sustainability and choice” we were thrilled to redesign their public-facing website.

VING Project

VING Project

The VING Project works to inspire teens to become the next generation of givers. We redesigned their website to help them spread their challenge: “Teens, if you had $1,000 to give to a person in need, who would you give it to?”

UCAN Chicago

UCAN Chicago

Fuzzy Math conducted a pro bono website redesign for UCAN Chicago, a local nonprofit organization aiding at-risk youth by providing opportunities and advocating for those who have suffered trauma.

Read the case study

Center for Neighborhood Technology

Center for Neighborhood Technology

We assisted CNT with the redesign of a set of digital tools that help “planners, developers, and community leaders make smart, data-driven decisions.”

dbsa_logo_black Created with Sketch.

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

We worked closely with DBSA to restructure their website and provide valuable resources for individuals living with mood disorders.

Read the case study

Big Marsh

Big Marsh

Big Marsh Park is 278 acres of wide-open space and bike paths on Chicago’s south side. Our website redesign provides visitors with the necessary information to access and enjoy the park and provides Big Marsh with the visibility needed to support future developments in revitalizing the area.

Brookfield Zoo

Brookfield Zoo

Our team designed a mobile app for guests of the Brookfield Zoo. Our goals were to enhance the visitor experience by simplifying the admission process, showcasing attractions and events, providing learning opportunities for children and adults, and helping visitors of all abilities explore the zoo.

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