Fuzzy Math has been leading the UX movement since 2009. We are committed to bringing great UX to light. Sometimes that means helping internal UX teams improve how they do their work and how their work fits into the goals of their larger organization.

The Fuzzy Math Enterprise UX Organization Design offering is a comprehensive program that encompasses education and operations focused on building and strengthening user experience teams.

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Problems We Solve

  • Grow and strengthen the capabilities of your design team
  • Understand the “right” approach for effective user experience design
  • Instill a human-centered design process within your team
  • Align your team around one unified process and vision
  • Equip your team to drive design for your entire organization
  • Ensure your design team is involved throughout the innovation process

Services We Offer

  • Team Design – focuses on crafting a team make-up that will result in an engaged and high-performing group.
  • Team Education – centers around skill building and knowledge growth to empower and enable the team.
  • Team Operations – putting the structure in place to build and grow a successful team.

Getting Started

Typically, we begin by conducting an organization evaluation. This assessment provides you with an objective review of where your organization stands on the magic quadrant of user-centered design. This engagement will highlight those areas where your organization and team can benefit from additional org design activities such as our team education, coaching, process and tools improvements and more.

If you are interested in speaking to us about your organization needs:

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Fuzzy Math UX Organization Design Happy Clients

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Our team’s practices improved through osmosis – we learned from their approach and have incorporated many of the techniques they used during our project.

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