Fuzzy Math is hands down the best external design team I’ve worked with. They really focus on the UX while putting consideration into the technical implementation.

CTO, SAP Fieldglass


  • Product Strategy & UX Road Mapping

    We help B2B companies prioritize development efforts by creating UX road maps and planning for the design, development, and implementation of enterprise applications.
  • UX Research & Ethnographic Design Research

    Through user-centered ethnographic research, we understand the people who purchase, use, and manage B2B products and services. We identify user goals and pain points in order to help our clients deliver innovative solutions.
  • UX Organization Design & Team Training

    We’ve built, grown, and developed internal UX teams for B2B software teams big and small, including Microsoft, GE, and SAP.
  • B2B Product Design & Testing

    We combine deep expertise in B2B user experience with the business and user goals of our clients to deliver engaging, easy to use information architecture, product workflow, and UI design, including validation across B2B customers.
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B2B Applications We’ve Designed

  • B2B mobile apps
  • B2B human resources suite
  • New employee testing and assessment software
  • Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS)
  • B2B design systems and white label design systems
  • Revenue lifecycle management tools
  • Business Intelligence (BI) applications
  • Analytics dashboards
  • Environmental health and safety software
  • HR and payroll software
  • B2B automation tools
  • Secure data storage software
  • Accounting & actuarial software
  • Purchasing & fulfillment applications
  • Hospital administration tools

Problems we’ve solved for our clients:

  • Meeting needs of decision makers and product users
  • Designing white label software
  • Designing for varying skill sets
  • Deploying design across multiple applications
  • Creating design systems
  • Establishing UX Centers of Excellence
  • Building effective B2B UX design teams
  • Conducting research with the right users
  • Embracing complexity to design simplicity

Team roles we apply on projects:

  • Information architect
  • User researcher
  • UX designer
  • Visual designer
  • Product designer

Enterprise UX White Paper

Learn the positive impacts to enterprise and B2B businesses from UX research and design.

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