Alli Sevareid

Visual Design Intern
Alli has a fascination with online spaces and how they compete with their physical counterparts. She strives to create fulfilling experiences as the world continues to shift towards a digital future .

Prior to interning for Fuzzy Math, Alli pursued a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design at the Kansas City Art Institute. She thrived in a fine art approach to design, creating a series of print pieces, but later found the most fulfillment in designing digital tools and systems. She has interned and freelanced for a range of clients, including retail, museums, salons, and restaurants. Alli hopes to use her time with Fuzzy Math designing digital interfaces that are not only beautiful and functional, but enjoyable to use.

Outside of design, Alli works in the restaurant industry, paints, attends shows in the music and comedy scenes, and consistently fails to cut back her caffeine intake.

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