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We worked with Wonderlic on a ground-up design of WonScore — a new SaaS platform for providing simple, responsive access to their suite of products from any device.

WonScore builds on a suite of assessments Wonderlic has provided for over 75 years to help naval officers, NFL scouts, and hiring managers around the world to quickly cull competitive candidates from an applicant pool, and make more informed hiring decisions.

The Challenge

Wonderlic offers a suite of assessments to help its clients make difficult hiring decisions and avoid costly regrets. Its collection of tools, assessing a range of personal qualities, needed enhanced cohesion and focus. The current system, while effective, had grown over time without a comprehensive UX strategy, resulting in experiences that sometimes were overly complicated or challenging for customers to utilize. Fuzzy Math worked closely with Wonderlic’s team to understand its offering, and to design a unified, scalable platform providing a simple, easily learned experience.

With Fuzzy Math's help we were able to not only build a stunning new platform, but also successfully pilot enterprise UX and firmly establish the voice of our clients at the center of our product development strategy. They played an essential role in helping us re-envision our product experience and tune it from the ground up around the needs of our customers.

Chief Operations Officer, Wonderlic

Empowering non-experts

To ensure the WonScore product would be easy for new and existing customers, we continuously incorporated user research throughout the project, ensuring decisions could be tied back to real customer needs. In previous tools, functionality was somewhat complex, and users needed a certain amount of existing knowledge to comprehend and make use of what was offered. Wonderlic knew they wanted to create an easy-to-use SaaS offering that would provide insight to users without significant training or expertise on the software. Through research and design we helped streamline the system, hiding complexity wherever possible to allow users to flow through without confusion or frustration.

Voice of the customer program

Working with Fuzzy Math was Wonderlic’s first enterprise UX project, but we knew it wouldn’t be their last. Wanting to ensure continuing work on WonScore, as well as any other Wonderlic products, could benefit from a robust user-centered design process, we helped establish a focus on the “voice of the customer” throughout the organization. Though applied tactically as part of this project, this focus represented a major shift throughout their organization.

Device agnostic, context sensitive

Prior to this project, Wonderlic’s tools were effectively relegated to the large screens of laptop and desktop computers. Through our design process, we helped define a direction that scaled seamlessly from small mobile devices to very large screens. Beyond just a fluid layout, we ensured that content was appropriately prioritized or even hidden depending on context, ensuring the tool was not only accessible, but fully optimized. This was especially important for a system that involved many different types of users with different contexts of use, from a job applicant completing an assessment to an executive checking on the volume and quality of applications. We crafted wireframes, visual design comps, and front-end code to deliver a flexible, scalable design system that would support any users across devices.

 A comprehensive, user-centered design language

The existing system design couldn’t express the complexity of the growing offering or support certain new strategic shifts. Fuzzy Math conducted research with internal stakeholders, to understand the brand and current implementation, and with users of the Wonderlic tools, to understand how people currently use the system and identify unrealized opportunities. Through this research, and a rigorous design process, we helped Wonderlic develop a singular, broadly applicable design system that would help users more easily use and understand its tools and provide a baseline from which Wonderlic could more easily extend its offerings. This system not only unified interpretation of scores across assessments — making results easier to comprehend — but also extended key brand messages through a modern, consistent, and extensible visual design system.

Before Redesign

After Redesign

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