GE Healthcare

Designing for data in a 5-year healthcare R&D partnership

We’ve worked with GE Healthcare as part of a strategic, long-term partnership to design products that impact quality of care, patient safety, and healthcare costs across hospitals and doctors' offices around the world.

GE Healthcare is one of the foremost innovators in healthcare technology, and we’ve been proud to help them continue concepting and refining their suite of products. Throughout our ongoing engagement we’ve built on our prior healthcare UX experience to develop a rich understanding of the many complexities of healthcare systems in the United States and abroad. Through work on digital tools for physicians, imaging specialists, hospital administrators and executives, and more, we’ve gained years of insight into how these people work, how they interact with technology, and how the healthcare industry is evolving to more deeply integrate digital solutions into their practice.

Sketches, journey map, and high-fidelity designs for Clinical Decision Support Systems

As part of our work across the GE Healthcare product line, we’ve designed using multiple enterprise design systems to both seamlessly introduce new features to legacy software and develop new software tools that fit within GE Healthcare’s ever-growing product line. We’ve also worked with the GE User Experience Center of Excellence to help craft new interaction patterns to ensure a consistent experience across all enterprise products.

Designing for large, enterprise healthcare software tends to mean dealing with a lot of data. We’ve helped GE Healthcare design solutions for managing, reviewing, and visualizing data in ways that are both intuitive and quick to comprehend. In addition for designing for specific products, we’ve helped their team establish best practices and patterns for data analytics and visualizations across a number of contexts, maximizing the value of the information and making it a point for clinical collaboration and informed decision making.


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