Fuzzy Math Ranked Top B2B Service Provider in 2019

Clutch award for the top 1000 best B2B service providers around the world

Fuzzy Math is a Clutch top B2B service provider!

We’re no stranger to accolades from Clutch, claiming a spot on their Best Service Providers in Chicago and Clutch Global Leaders to name just a couple. But most recently, Fuzzy Math was ranked #48 on the Clutch 1000, an exclusive list of the world’s very best B2B service providers.

Clutch award for the top 1000 best B2B service providers around the world
The award is comprehensive, taking into account all aspects of verified client reviews, the company’s services and clients, and its reputation and market visibility. It’s also the most selective list the B2B ratings and reviews platform has to offer—to be selected, a company needs to rank among the top 1% on Clutch.

Fuzzy Math is humbled to be listed for the 2nd year on the Clutch Global 1000. We take pride in the results we provide to every single client — and thank them for the continued recognition.

Mark Baldino, Co-Founder

We’re proud to take our place among industry leaders worldwide. But don’t take our word for it! Check out these quotes from Fuzzy Math’s reviews on Clutch:

“Fuzzy Math took the time to educate us on what they were doing and why. We weren’t accustomed to this process and often wanted to speed it up, but they did a great job managing our expectations so that we didn’t rush the work.”

President, IT Technology company

“They took ownership of the project and helped us make our product even better. Many companies just follow directions, but Fuzzy Math really cared about our success.”

CEO, VHT Studios

“Fuzzy Math designed our property sites to help users easily find all the useful information we’ve always had in place. Their designs improved and simplified the navigation tremendously.”

VP of Digital Strategy, Hyatt

“I can describe what I’m looking for and they just get it. It doesn’t matter what market we’re in, they understand what we’re after. They ask the right questions and get the answers they need.”

CEO, Saas Company

We love to create beautiful and meaningful solutions for our clients, and we’re delighted to have successfully improved their business by understanding the users, the product, and the market.

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