Extending a robust B2C Design system across 750+ hotel websites

Mockups of difference device sizes for Hyatt Park brand
Property Websites

Hyatt hotels are some of the most luxurious, beautiful places to stay around the world. Those hotels’ websites, however, weren’t making that case. Hyatt partnered with Fuzzy Math to help make their property websites as compelling and attractive as the properties themselves.

The Challenge

Recognizing the need for a shift to a responsive website (from separate desktop and mobile experiences), and to reconfigure content to better meet the needs of their guests, Hyatt brought in Fuzzy Math to help discover what Hyatt’s customers needed from hotel websites and build a modular design system that would power all of their 700+ hotel websites to meet those needs. This system would not only need to showcase the individual personality of each of Hyatt’s brands, but also ensure that Hyatt staff have easy to deploy modules that can be used to build and update all of their sites over time.


Images depicting different mobile variations of Hyatt hotel websites

Brand Spectrum

We designed for 12 brands across 5 breakpoints.

Our Process

Through our research as well as analysis of Hyatt’s existing ecosystem, the hotel space in general, and past hospitality research, we gained a strong understanding of the customer journey. This journey helped illuminate the various reasons guests visit hotel websites, and what they need in each scenario. A continued partnership and close communication over the course of more than a year ensured that we understood the business complexities of building and maintaining the many websites. Combining these insights, we focused on designing site templates that streamlined the expansive content of the current state, making important details easier to find and reducing complexity.

Brand Map – Quality Spectrum
Prospective groupings of hotel customer segments based on primary and secondary affinity to the quality of service offered.


When we launched the new website for the first brand, we immediately received a lot of positive feedback. End users love the new sites and find them much easier to use without getting lost. Our individual brand managers are delighted with the designs.

VP, Head of E-Commerce and Digital Strategy

Tablet and iPhone mock up depicting rates for Park Hyatt

Park Hyatt Offers before redesign Hyatt Park Offers page after redesign
Before and after of the Hyatt Offer's page

Brand aesthetics

Working with their brand teams, we dove deep into the individual aesthetic of each of the 12 brands in the Hyatt family and created templates and components that were functionally consistent across the system, but with the feel of the specific brand. 

Mockups of three different Hyatt brand homepages

Different elements from the Hyatt redesign


Our goal was to ensure that Park Hyatt, a high-end luxury brand, and Hyatt Place, a more casual brand, both had tailored experiences that built on the essence of their brand and spoke to their unique guests — all within the same system. By integrating with their development team, we were able to quickly solve problems and reach alignment, allowing for a fast and effective buildout.

Different mockups of brands

The initial launch of Hyatt’s redesigned property websites went live in January 2018, with additional properties to follow. For an example, see Park Hyatt Chicago.

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