Fuzzy Math Spotlight: Rachel S. & Rose

Fuzzy Math is a unique team of individual talents that come together to do good work. We believe it’s the power of each of our diverse and exciting team members that sets us apart. This is the Fuzzy Math Spotlight, a series giving you an exclusive peek into the lives, pockets, and desks of Fuzzy Mathers.

Meet Rachel Shaver

Role: Visual Designer
Time at Fuzzy Math: ~1 year (full time)

Q: What three words would you use to describe your role?

A: Flexible, Problem-Solving, Fun

Q: What are you currently watching?

A: Fraiser. We have two episodes left and I don’t want to finish it. We’re also watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and True Detective (Season 3).

Q: What was your first job ever?

A: Florist! The shop was called “Finishing Touches”. We processed flowers and made arrangements.

Q: What inspires you?

A: Being outside. Time in nature. Music. Relationships — People. Doing something that I feel has meaning.

Q: What is your biggest achievement to date?

A: I’m proud of moving back to Chicago. My husband and I had moved around following jobs and decided to come back to set down some roots.

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Meet Rose Tarullo

Role: UX Designer
Time at Fuzzy Math: ~6 months

Q: What’s the best thing about Fuzzy Math?

A: It’s a group of people who care about each other, and want to help each other grow as people and designers.

Q: What was your first job ever?

A: I worked at a food stand at the Brookfield Zoo. It was awesome — I walked past a cheetah on the way to work every day.

Q: What’s currently on rotation for you?

A: The Big Day by Chance the Rapper

Q: How did you hear about Fuzzy Math?

A: I heard Mark speak at an event and I was really impressed with Fuzzy Math’s work and process.

Q: What have you recently been watching?

A: Jeopardy always. Alex Trebek is a joy.

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