Fuzzy Finds: Jan. 07 – 11

Welcome to Fuzzy Finds, a weekly feature where we’ll share the things we’ve been emailing each other about and discussing at the lunch table. Want to share something awesome with us? Hit us up @FuzzyMath.

Why did infinite scroll fail at Etsy? / Dan Nguyen

Interesting look at when and why infinite scroll does, and doesn’t, work.

A Year in Books / SVA

What results when 29 interaction design students have the opportunity to contribute to an IxD-focused book list? The result is the following list, comprising of texts that reveal the unexpected, inspired, and diligent state of mind for these MFA candidates in interaction design.

The Greatest Paper Map of the United States You’ll Ever See / Slate

Can one paper wall map really outshine all others—so definitively that it becomes award-worthy? I’m here to tell you it can. This is a masterful map. And the secret is in its careful attention to design.

Clean Bathrooms / Seth Godin

The facilities at DisneyWorld are clean. It’s not a profit center, of course. They don’t make them clean because they’re going to charge you to use them. They make them clean because if they didn’t, you’d have a reason not to come.

It turns out that just about everything we do involves cleaning the bathrooms. Creating an environment where care and trust are expressed. If you take a lot of time to ask, “how will this pay off,” you’re probably asking the wrong question. When you are trusted because you care, it’s quite likely the revenue will take care of itself.

FFF: Form Follows Function

A pretty sweet collection of HTML5 experiments, especially worth checking out the Universe Panorama

The Kids of PS22 Take on Tame Impala / NPR

Kevin Parker himself summed up the response when he posted the video on Tame Impala’s Facebook page, simply exclaiming, ‘holy bajoly Batman.’

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