Fuzzy Finds: Jan. 14 – 18

Welcome to Fuzzy Finds, a weekly feature where we’ll share the things we’ve been emailing each other about and discussing at the lunch table. Want to share something awesome with us? Hit us up @FuzzyMath.

Android niceties

Need some Android inspiration? This Tumblr is one of the best galleries for the platform.

Ultimate guide to table UI patterns / Janko At Warp Speed

A nice roundup of patterns to help make tables more usable.

Organizing Mobile Navigation Based on Information-Seeking Behavior / JXNBLK

On the differences between known-item seeking, exploratory seeking, and discovery, and the UI approaches to accommodate each.

Mailchimp Annual Report

A fun, HTML5 scrolling look at the past year for Mailchimp.

Warby Parker Annual Report 2012

Another cool interactive, graphical representation of the year, this time from Warby Parker.

The best in bad NFL lip reading / USA Today

The title says it all.

Birds-of-Paradise Project / Cornell

For any fans of Planet Earth and/or birds, “…witness diverse strategies of evolution at work and experience one of nature’s extraordinary wonders – up close.”

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