Fuzzy Finds: Sept. 3 – 7

Welcome to Fuzzy Finds, a weekly feature where we’ll share the things we’ve been emailing each other about and discussing at the lunch table. Want to share something awesome with us? Hit us up @FuzzyMath.

Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction / Interaction Design Foundation
A great (and free!) collection of curated HCI info from experts in the field.

Why Waiting is Torture / New York Times
Fascinating look at how we perceive waits and lines, why waiting in line is a crummy experience, and little things that can be done to eliminate the stress and boredom of the wait.

It’s More Important to Be Kind than Clever / Harvard Business Review
Starting from a simple anecdote about serving soup (and free cookies) to a patron’s grandmother, this feature points out the “the hunger among customers, employees, and all of us to engage with companies on more than just dollars-and-cents terms.”

Facilitates quick and easy mobile testing with tap tracking. Pretty neat.

Acoustic Touch Screen Demonstration / Milwaukee School of Engineering
Very cool demo using acoustics to transform a chalkboard into a touch interface.

Election 2012 Issues / GOOD+MTV
GOOD designers stretch the limits of HTML5 to highlight eight issues of the upcoming US election.

Bing It On
The Pepsi Challenge of search engines. We had split results in the office, chalked up to different search patterns.

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