Fuzzy Math Enterprise UX Design Operations is our proprietary collection of methodologies and processes involved in establishing and supporting UX Design Organizations that we’ve developed over the past 14+ years. During this 60-minute webinar recording, you’ll learn from our experience building UX teams, integrating user-centered design, and promoting design culture at market leaders like KPMG, GE Healthcare, and Microsoft. We share stories from the front-lines, mistakes we made (and saw!), and challenges we overcame.

What You’ll Learn

  • Integrating user-centered design methodologies into large organizations
  • The 3 considerations you should keep in mind when developing a UX design team
  • Turning around an underperforming team
  • Working alongside company leadership after initial “buy-in”
  • Best practices for structuring your team and establishing the proper roles and responsibilities
  • Fostering a design culture while hiring and retaining designers
  • Establishing and maintaining Voice of the Customer programs

Watch the Video

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Mark Baldino
Ben Ihnchak

Our Happy Clients

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With Fuzzy Math's help we were able to not only build a stunning new platform, but also successfully pilot enterprise UX and firmly establish the voice of our clients at the center of our product development strategy. They played an essential role in helping us re-envision our product experience and tune it from the ground up around the needs of our customers.

Chief Operations Officer, Wonderlic
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