Summer architectural tour

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In July we (along with our significant others) took an architectural boat tour along the Chicago River. It was a beautiful afternoon… the sun reflecting off the many glass and steel buildings that line the river. The tour makes you appreciate the rich history of the city and the amazing role Chicago played in architectural history.

It is important when one is in a field of design to not neglect the other fields. As a designer you are so focused on your one specialty, that you often lose sight of other specialties. Without exposure to a variety of areas of design, one limits his or her design understanding and knowledge. I believe it is also important to explore other fields: science, history, English/writing – they relate to design more you may think. As I’ve learned from my limited life experience, being knowledgable about many subjects and matters of interest often heightens your creativity and conceptual thinking abilities, allowing you to do your job (specialty, focus, passion, etc.) better.

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