Fuzzy Math? Yup, that’s us.

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We often get asked, “Why Fuzzy Math? What does that mean?” To us, it’s the combination of left brain and right brain, process and intuition, that results in a successful design. Instead of following a rigid process we focus on the end product.

As much as it’s the bane of a speech writer to hear any presentation begin with “The dictionary defines blah blah blah as…” in this case it’s appropriate:

an approach to teaching mathematics without emphasis on rote learning and memorization but more on conceptual understanding –dictionary.com

We focus on the whole and worry less about how we get there, since it’s different with every project and team. Finding the process that works for your team doesn’t happen in a series of planning meetings. It happens by agreeing on goals at the start of a project and capturing them in a simple one page design brief. After that, it’s all about listening, prototyping and learning, always iterating towards the finish line.

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