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This is the first entry in a three-part peek into how Fuzzy Math is helping Chicago Architecture Foundation (CAF) with their Discover Design initiative.

Fuzzy Math is very excited to work with CAF this summer. Ever since its founding members came together in 1966 to save H. H. Richardson’s masterpiece Glessner House from demolition, CAF has been inspiring people to discover why design matters. CAF plays a key role in promoting Chicago’s unique architectural legacy and engaging the public in contemporary civic and design issues.

In 2012, they launched Discover Design, an online learning platform that connects teens, teachers, and professional mentors in 21st century problem-based learning. Discover Design teaches teens how to apply the design process to real world issues in their communities, building technical skills and critical thinking that cut across many disciplines. Discover Design has won the American Institute of Architects’ award for collaborative achievement in 2012 and 2013, and currently reaches 4,000 teens in 200 schools across the country, as well as 250 professional mentors – but CAF knew that were still unrealized opportunities for growth that could be drawn out from a strategic design initiative.

CAF chose Fuzzy Math to help chase down the infamously tricky goal of delivering an experience that is both genuinely appealing to teenagers and meaningfully educational. Impressed by the prestigious history of CAF and stirred by recognizing what Discover Design was capable of, Fuzzy Math enthusiastically agreed to accept CAF as a pro bono client. Fuzzy Math will be conducting research, collaborating with CAF’s stakeholders, helping to define a long-term strategy, and then charting the roadmap to get there.

Tune in next time to hear how the Fuzzy Math team tackles design research and synthesis for Discover Design!

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