Join Us at the UX Research & Insights Summit on July 16th!

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Fuzzy Math will be presenting on Hiring, Training, and Retaining UXers in a Growth Market at the UX Research & Insights Summit this year! The conference is July 15th to 17th, with FM co-founders Mark Baldino and Ben Ihnchak presenting on the 16th at 12:10pm.

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Mark and Ben recently surveyed current and former Fuzzy Mathers about their experiences with the company in every area from the hiring process to growing their careers and practices, as well as growing the team with talented individuals who enjoy working here and together. If you’re interested in hearing more, you can get 20% off your conference pass with the VIP code UX19MB.


Conference: UX Research & Insights Summit
Conference dates: July 15-17, 2019
Location: Radisson Blu Aqua, Chicago, IL
VIP Code: UX19MB

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Session Title: Hiring, training, and retaining UXers in a growth market
Speakers: Fuzzy Math co-founders Mark Baldino and Ben Ihnchak
Time: July 16, 12:10pm


  • How to build teams where they don’t exist
  • Tips for non-designers managing designers
  • Creating a UX team purpose statement and align around it
  • Assessing teams with various levels of skills and helping them grow
  • Sustaining design culture and retaining designers

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