Fuzzy Math now 25%* bigger AND better!

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For Fuzzy Math’s first 17 months, Jason, Mark, and Ben were the only full-time Fuzzy Mathers. That changed last August when Brett came aboard with his UX chops and front-end expertise. While the last seven months have been some of FM’s best, the four of us recently decided it was time for a fifth (and we have been eyeing some local pickup hoops games**).

We are pleased to announce the addition of Nick Leonard as the fifth full-timer at Fuzzy Math. Nick comes to Fuzzy Math via Iowa, Missouri, Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon, and Parts Unknown. He will be around shortly to introduce himself, so I all I have left to say is welcome aboard, Nick!

* Thanks to Ben Protas for clarifying the whole math thing for us when we hired Brett.

** When we do play some hoops, this is our new starting lineup:
PG – Brett
SG – Ben
SF – Mark
PF – Nick
C – Jason

EDIT: The original title had “20%” instead of “25%”, and within minutes (literally), Ben Protas posted a correction in the comments. I really thought I had it right this time 🙁

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