Fuzzy Finds: August 13 – 17

Welcome to Fuzzy Finds, a weekly feature where we’ll share the things we’ve been emailing each other about and discussing at the lunch table. Want to share something awesome with us? Hit us up @FuzzyMath.

“I Draw Pictures All Day” / Smashing Magazine

Having just completed a workshop on graphic facilitation and notetaking with the awesome Ink Factory (more on this coming soon!), this post on the value of doodling feels as relevant as ever.

Designing for Device Orientation: From Portrait to Landscape / Smashing Magazine

A reminder about the importance of device orientation design and how it can be leveraged to create better user experiences. Considering different types of orientation patterns (and how they can add value or enhance interaction), understanding context of use, and ensuring users are aware of secondary interfaces are good opportunities to augment the functionality of the accelerometer to compensate for small screen sizes and create even more engaging interactions.

Everything in its Right Pace / A List Apart

On prioritizing value over volume, scarcity and craft on the Internet, and the need to step back from the everything-all-the-time model. Like the Slow Web, some very interesting points for the future of tech product design.

The Prototype Electric DeLorean Gets a Test Drive / GOOD

Remaking the DeLorean as an electric car. And yeah, it goes over 88mph.


Collaborative list-making; “Start a list that interests you or pertains to a subject relevant to your work, share it on Twitter, and watch the magic happen. It is constantly evolving.”

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