Fuzzy Finds: April 5

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Horween Leathers

“We operate under the assumption that you will buy the best you can afford if you can understand the difference. The minute you don’t understand the difference, you’ll start looking at the price again. You can make products so good that people can’t understand them.”

From Horween Leathers, a few blocks away here in Chicago.

Responsive Deliverables / Dave Rupert

Interesting look at traditional deliverables in brand identity design, and how a similar system of individually designed pieces could work for web design.

The 12 Cellphones that Changed Our World Forever / Wired

Every once in a while I still miss the little scroll ball on the HTC Dream/G1

Socrates (In The Form Of A 9-Year-Old) Shows Up In A Suburban Backyard In Washington / NPR

“You never know for sure if there really is anything in the search—it’s just—it’s an endless quest without knowing what your quest is.”

“Destiny is a guess—a guess of what it knows about you and what it knows you would do. But then again I might be wrong and destiny might be totally in control of you.”

The Most Iconic Sandwiches in Chicago / Eater Chicago

Is it lunch yet?

Should Corporate Beer Fear The Micro-Brewer? Or Just Acquire It? / Fast Company

We like to acquire micro-brews, too.

What’s in a Nickname? The Origins of All 30 MLB Team Names / Mental Floss

Chicago Cubs
Chicago’s first professional baseball team was known as the Chicago White Stockings. When the team began to sell off its experienced players in the late 1880s, local newspapers began to refer to the club as Anson’s Colts, a reference to player-manager Cap Anson’s roster of youngsters. By 1890, Colts had caught on and Chicago’s team had a new nickname. When Anson left the team in 1897, the Colts became known as the Orphans, a depressing nickname if there ever was one. When Frank Selee took over managerial duties of Chicago’s youthful roster in 1902, a local newspaper dubbed the team the Cubs and the name stuck.

Chicago White Sox
In 1900, Charles Comiskey moved the St. Paul Saints to the South Side of Chicago. The team adopted the former nickname of its future rivals (the Cubs) and became the White Stockings, which was shortened to White Sox a few years after the club joined the American League in 1901.

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