Today is a great day to be a Fuzzy Mathlete! Let us explain why.

A comic frame depicting the symbol for pi and the number 4 sitting at a desk in a counselor's office. The counselor on the other side of the desk is the division symbol. The number 4 says We love numbers, and we love pie, and pizza-pie, and “Life of Pi”…

National Pi Day is always celebrated on March 14, but this year it’s Pi Day to the extreme because the date is 3/14/15 (pi = 3.14159…).

Pi, or the circumference of a circle divided by its diameter, is a number that goes on forever (also known as an irrational number). In addition, it’s Albert Einstein’s birthday. And here’s a fun fact: Did you know that 3.14% of sailors are pi-rates?

Anyways, if you’re interested, here’s a brief history of pi.

So with that, cheers to circles, math-lovers, Einstein, pies, and pi. We hope you have an irrational day.

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