Fuzzy Math designs digital products and services. Our process comes alive when the right people utilize it by working in teams, across divisions, and outside of their silos. It stretches boundaries and exceeds expectations, simply because it invites all voices to the conversation – and when everyone feels heard, there’s magic in the room.

By matching user insights with client goals, our UX design service becomes a fine-tuned partnership that puts products, apps, and services in positions to thrive. Our best work emerges when collaboration leads to iteration, which is why we purposely invite leadership, stakeholders, and teams to form a feedback loop that helps projects reach their final form. From research to prototyping to testing, we design with our clients as much as we design for them.

What We Do

Understand Your Users, Product, and Market

Intelligent decisions are informed by data and supported through design. We immerse ourselves in the minds of users, the goals of stakeholders, and the landscape of the market to help clients manifest ideas into action. With an understanding of products and the people that make their success possible, we only solve for the whole equation when we can see the full picture.

How We Get There

  • User research, interviews, and testing
  • Market analysis and positioning
  • Personas and scenarios
  • User & customer journey mapping

Put Technology On Your Side

Technology succeeds when shaped to best fit. We’re advocates for technology’s broad and specific applications, aware that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. As technology independent designers, we can work with existing systems, or recommend new ones that streamline outdated or painful processes. On big screens, small screens (or even none at all), across mouses, keyboards, and touch or voice command, we choose the platform that’s right for the job instead of forcing your project to fit our preferences.

How we get there

  • Framework design
  • Technology and pattern audit
  • Opportunity mapping
  • Feature prioritization

Chart the Course Ahead

Our process is a collaborative approach that helps businesses architect a future they can confidently step into. We do this by combining our team’s depth of experience in design, our clients’ intimate knowledge of the industries they serve, and the insights uncovered through the discoveries we make. Using research-based methodologies, we put organizations in powerful positions to predict outcomes, provide proof of concept, and map the future of their products and services.

How We Get There

  • Conceptual designing
  • Client co-designing
  • Concept validation research
  • Feature prioritization
  • UX and product road-mapping

Build Beautiful & Seamless Products

We strategically design custom digital products, applications, and services for clients across a wide swath of industries and sizes, from rising startups to globally recognized companies. Though the size and scope of what we design varies from project to project, ease of use is always the common denominator found throughout our work. We’re committed to producing work that conforms to best practices while solving for every business equation with equal parts respect, curiosity, and preparation.

How We Get There

  • Visual design
  • Interactive experience prototyping
  • Pattern library development
  • Front-end coding

Be Your End-to-End Design Partner

Design reaches its full potential when it becomes a regular practice. Clients that have experienced the value we provide often engage us in longterm relationships that allow us to serve as trusted design partners and extensions of their team as they make pivotal decisions that determine future growth. By educating, workshopping, and consulting with our clients, we become an ally that empowers teams to empower their users.

How We Get There

  • UX organizational design & implementation
  • Voice of the customer program set-up
  • Corporate & team training & workshops
  • Consulting services

Think Fuzzy Math can help?

Let’s work together

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