Download the printable checklist.

Preview of the printable website accessibility checklist

Before launch, double check that…

Header Structure

  • Text hierarchy is clearly established (e.g. H1, H2, etc)


  • Linked in-line text is clearly identifiable from body text
  • All hyperlinks are clearly phrased to indicate to users where the link leads


  • All images are accompanied by alt text
  • Alt text is appropriately descriptive for image types

Audio & Video

  • All videos include captions
  • A transcript of audio content is easily available for users


  • Colors alone are not being used to communicate important messages to users
  • Patterns or textures are used to indicate visual differences on charts, graphs, etc.
  • Elements have a strong color contrast compliant with WCAG. Use a contrast checker if you’re unsure!


  • Typefaces are legible and characters have distinct features from one another
  • Large bodies of text are left-aligned
  • Text can be easily resized and the webpage still functions as expected
  • Line lengths are close to 66 characters per line

Navigation & Site Structure

  • Navigation is succinct and includes only necessary high-level categories
  • Website’s code follows navigation best practices


  • Form fields have clearly defined boundaries and borders
  • Form fields have clear labels

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