Getting started

The Fuzzy Math Design Index is a design-focused self-assessment built for Fuzzy Math Designers to evaluate their skill in a number of areas related to design and consulting.

The purpose of this survey is for you to assess your own skill level and to identify areas of opportunity as a designer. This is NOT an evaluation of your skill – this is merely a tool to help you self-assess your skill and create more informed goals.

This assessment includes a number of statements. You’ll be asked to assess yourself for each statement based on your experience as a designer, including any design experience you have outside of Fuzzy Math.

There are roughly 100 statements across 15 sections for you to score, and you should budget about an hour to complete the assessment. After you complete this assessment, log into your WordPress account, go to your profile page, and scroll down until you see your score. You can also click the “view my scorecard” button below.

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