Our first impression using Reinvigorate

Jason has been following Reinvigorate since it has been in its beta release. A couple weeks back, we heard that it was launching. We decided to check out the 14-day free trial. Now that our trial is over, we figured we should share our thoughts on Reinvigorate.

Reinvigorate bills itself as “a unique, real-time web analytics system leveraging some of today’s most advanced open-source technology to give you the best-looking and easiest to use analytics platform available.” In other words, you get real-time stats and reports of previous use, all while looking sweet.

Here’s a quick rundown of our thoughts:

The bad

  • We could never get the WordPress plugin to work on our site (we were able to easily add the code to our templates).
  • We were not able to add our discount code when changing from the free trial to a paying account (customer support helped us through this, and everything is cool now).
  • The heatmaps don’t always load right away.
  • The detailed history is not as robust as Google Analytics
  • For sites that don’t have a lot of traffic, the real-time stats aren’t all that useful since there aren’t a lot of people on the site.
  • In addition to the above, the non real-time stats are not are thorough as the real-time stats are.
  • The logout icon is a lock, which doesn’t make a ton of sense to us.

The good

  • The customer service has been fast and effective when we needed them.
  • The heatmaps are really, really awesome (when they load right away — probably 75% of the time).
  • Setting up the service on our website was super simple, even without using the WordPress plugin.
  • The IP blocking is simple to use and effective.
  • The “Nametags” feature is helpful for when we do direct marketing.
  • The “Page Summary” page gives a great overview of the activity on the site.
  • The visual theme of the site is well done.
  • The demographics reports give a great, easy-to-read display of the information.
  • The UI is clean throughout.

The final word
Even though there have been a couple hiccups here and there, the customer support has been a solid A+ and when the app is working like it should (which is most of the time), it is really fantastic. We have joined the ranks of the paying customers and highly recommend giving the app a shot.

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