Fuzzy Math Spotlight: Julia & Rebecca

A split screen view of two photos of desks, taken from above. One has an open notebook with doodles, leaves, and assorted knick-knacks. The other has a closed Macbook and assorted snacks.
Fuzzy Math is a unique team of individual talents that come together to do good work. We believe it’s the power of each of our diverse and exciting team members that sets us apart. Welcome to the Fuzzy Math Spotlight, a series giving you an exclusive peek into the lives, pockets, and desks of Fuzzy Mathers.

Meet Julia Jouravel

Role: Visual Designer
Time at Fuzzy Math: ~4 years

A photo of a desk taken from the top down. The desk has an open notebook with doodles, leaves, colored pencils, a cup of coffee, and other assorted knick-knacks

Q: What was the last book you read?

A: Marie Kondo’s tidying up book — oh, no, it wasn’t that — it was Cheryl Strayed’s Tiny Beautiful Things.

Q: How would you describe Fuzzy Math in three words?

A: Intelligent, organized, quiet

Q: If you could switch jobs with someone, who would it be?

A: Probably someone who reviews things. I have a secret Amazon reviewing account that does pretty well. And yes, I do get free stuff.

Q: What’s currently on rotation for you?

A: Not music necessarily, but I’ve been listening to the podcast from Jonathan Van Ness (from Queer Eye). He has a lot of knowledge about a lot of subjects and can speak in a really authentic way.

Q: If you were to get rid of one state in the U.S., which would it be and why?

A: Delaware. I’ve never met anyone from Delaware and I kind of forget it’s a state. I mean, what’s there?

Meet Rebecca Henry

Role: UX Designer
Time at Fuzzy Math: Just under a year

A photo of a desk taken from the top down. The desk has a closed Macbook, a coffee cup full of pens and pencils, a small bowl of snacks, an open notebook, and an empty coffee cup.

Q: How would you describe your design style?

A: I would describe my design style as detail-oriented. I try to think about the important little things that might get missed when we’re dreaming of the big picture.

Q: Coffee or Tea?

A: Tea. Chai latte with a lot of sugar.

Q: How many square feet of pizza is eaten in the U.S. each year?

A: I’m doing math here—it’s fuzzy, though. I’m going to say 600 million square feet of pizza.

Q: Describe the color yellow to somebody who is blind.

A: The color yellow is warm—it’s a hot summer day at an amusement park. There’s laughter and it tastes sweet. The feeling of it makes time speed up.

Q: What’s the best thing about Fuzzy Math?

A: The people. It’s a close-knit group. Everybody here has similar interests and it feels like this is where I was supposed to end up.

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