Rachel Vorm

Senior Visual Designer
Woman holding fake scorpion
Rachel is a human who solves visual design problems to improve communication between humans and the products, tools and collateral they interact with.

Rachel started off her design journey focused on branding and more traditional corporate print design, receiving a BA in Graphic Design from Iowa State University. Her first design job largely involved getting startups the necessary pieces to get started up. This included helping clients with naming, logos, print collateral, packaging and marketing/content heavy websites. After 3 years in that line of work, Rachel transitioned to focus more on tools and system design, which lead her to her current role at Fuzzy Math. She has been at Fuzzy Math since 2013! 

Outside of Fuzzy Math, Rachel enjoys many hobbies that she is mediocre at including: rock climbing, drawing, rowing, fish keeping, skateboarding, screen-printing, learning Danish and hammocking. 

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