Kelly Cunningham

User Experience Designer
As a UX designer, Kelly strives to make complex problems seem easy and intuitive. She finds fulfillment by digging into the root of the problem, revealing the bigger issues, and finding the solution that best fits user needs.

Kelly came from a visual design background, but an interest in anthropology, art history, communication, and coding (try saying that five times fast) led her to UX design. Prior to joining Fuzzy Math, Kelly was part of a small UX consultancy in Iowa, working with both large agricultural manufacturers and small nonprofits. She has been at Fuzzy Math since 2017.

Around the office, she makes terrible puns, takes care of some plants (or at least tries to), and begs the rest of the team to turn off the AC. On the weekends, she fully embraces her inner old lady by knitting, trying new recipes (vegetarian, of course), and sharing a salad with her pet rabbit, Mac.

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