5 Fuzzy Math Clients Made the List: Chicago’s Top 100 Digital Companies

You read that correctly. Just yesterday, builtinchicago.org posted its list of the Top 100 Digital Companies in Chicago, which included five companies we proudly consider our friends. They are: Fieldglass, Vibes, NCSA Athletic Recruiting, ifbyphone, and VHT, and they do some amazing work. You should check them out.

Something we found noteworthy in the original article was Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s praise for the bustling businesses that made the list:

“The diversity of digital technology companies on the Top 100 is a testament to the depth of talent in our workforce and the vitality of the City’s tech economy,” said Mayor Emanuel. “Chicago has nearly doubled the number of jobs in technology in the last three years, and it is companies like these that are critical to continuing that growth and helping to achieve our goal of doubling the City’s tech workforce in the next decade.”

Speaking of that last part, it was only about one year ago to this day that Emanuel vowed to double Chicago’s tech economy in the next ten years, and in our opinion, the progress this sector has seen in the last year is pretty impressive. In fact, according to the two web sites we’ve linked to already, Chicago has added almost 10,000 jobs to its tally in the past year alone! Nice work, Windy City; we’re glad to have a small hand in this massive movement.


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