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UPDATE: We’ve updated the sitemap generator! After some research and tweaking, we are happy to present a version that should work with Omnigraffle 5 and 6, as well as Mavericks and Mountain Lion. Grab the new version here!

A few months ago we were tasked with a redesign of a pretty large site and we had to get a grasp on what was out there quickly. We saw they had a sitemap.xml file, and it kicked off our innate laziness: someone on the internets must have made something to suck this XML into Omnigraffle, right? In fact, several someones had wrangled with this quite a bit, but there wasn’t a nice and easy solution out there. Just lots of hair-pulling.

I had a lot of the same types of problems getting this script to work, so it was time to roll up the sleeves and spit out something better! Hair or no hair to be pulled! Let me introduce you to the Fuzzy Math Sitemap.xml to Omnigraffle Sitemap Generator. It’s super-simple to use:

  • Download the file from the link above, or from this link right here!
  • Unzip the file and open the FM-Sitemap_Generator_v6 (you may have to right click, Open)
  • Select your sitemap.xml file
  • Watch the Omnigraffle goodness spill right out of the file
  • Use the same manner of selection and mass formatting I outlined in the previous article to apply your particular doc style to all the elements.
  • Save your document and PAR-TAY!

Ker-bang! You should have an awesome Omnigraffle sitemap.

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