Process Story: Strategy & Innovation

User experience is way more than just interfaces. We excel in helping clients with projects still in the early phases, projects focused on process, or projects to improve a service experience. These projects focus on defining needs, features, and processes to establish a solid foundation and user experience strategy on which our clients can build.

Project kickoff

All of our projects start with a kickoff meeting, which allows us to get to know you, your product, and your individual needs. This meeting can be anywhere from two hours by phone to two days in person — however long is needed to ensure we have a fundamental understanding of the problem, and enough information to start working toward a solution.


Working with actual and potential users of your product, we’ll help determine what ideas resonate with them and better understand the real-world scenarios in which it would be used.


We’ll observe users to get a handle on what they’re doing currently, understanding both the processes your product will fit within or redefine and the personalities and preferences of your users.

Personas & scenarios

Based on our user research, and input from your team, we’ll develop personas and scenarios to help drive design of this project, as well as future projects for the same user group.

Process flows

Any current processes related to your product or service will be formally documented, with pain points, bottlenecks, and other areas for improvement identified. This gives us a foundation to design against, and helps you understand where the most impact can be had.

Service map

We’re serious about service, both providing it ourselves and helping you better serve your users. We’ll design a service map that identifies ideal ways for you to interact with your users, including the various touchpoints between you and your users and how you can structure the behind-the-scenes work to make these touchpoints great.

Experience map

By layering refined and revised processes with specific goals, user touchpoints, and other service factors, we’ll give you a comprehensive view of the future of your product or service. Our breadth of experience, combined with user research and meetings with your team, will ensure that these processes provide a strong, positive impact for your users.


Once everyone is on board with the design, our deliverables are finalized, annotated, packed up, and shipped over to your team. We’ll make sure there aren’t any lingering questions or open issues, then eagerly await the day we see your product go live.