Process Story: Product Owners

Dropping into new or ongoing projects within larger companies is one of our specialties. We’ll be your UX team, working with your team to create a well-defined UX strategy, design awesome interfaces, and give you working code that’s ready to impress your users.

Project kickoff

All of our projects start with a kickoff meeting, which allows us to get to know you, your product, and your individual needs. This meeting can be anywhere from two hours by phone to two days in person — however long is needed to ensure we have a fundamental understanding of the problem, and enough information to start working toward a solution.

User research

We’ll work with you to identify current and potential users of your service or application, then meet with them to gain a rich understanding of who they are and how you can best impact their current routine. All of our findings will be documented and presented to your team, creating a mutual understanding of who we’re designing for.

Personas & scenarios

Based on our research findings, we’ll create personas and scenarios that capture a realistic user and their current needs and goals. By distilling the commonalities in the users we talked to, we’ll identify the key goals and processes to design for.

Feature prioritization

Through conversations with stakeholders we’ll prioritize the various features and UIs within your application so we’ll know both how to organize information within your application and how to prioritize our design work to create the most positive impact

Process design

Taking what we heard from you and your users, we’ll build out process flows and site maps that show the current state of your product. We’ll then take these and apply your goals, and the goals and processes we heard from your users, and refine the process so its as simple and effective as possible.

Interactive prototype

Once we’ve defined the process, we can start immediately designing the supporting interfaces. Through meetings with you, we’ll rapidly iterate our designs to ensure it’s the best fit for your users. At each step, we’ll explain why we designed it the way we did so decisions are understand well after the engagement is over.


For brand new projects, or those needing a more authentic identity, our visual designers can help you define a unique visual language and labeling for your product, including logo development, visual collateral and branding style guidelines to help the look maintain longevity.

Visual design

With the product’s process, interface, and branding all ready to go, we can dive into the look and feel. We’ll take the interactive prototypes and apply your brand’s styles to create a complete, polished set of interfaces.


As a final step in the design process, we’ll develop modern, standards compliant HTML and CSS that you can plug directly into your product. We’ll work with your developers to ensure everything we create follows your existing systems for naming and version control.


Once everyone is on board with the design, our deliverables are finalized, annotated, packed up, and shipped over to your team. We’ll make sure there aren’t any lingering questions or open issues, then eagerly await the day we see your product go live.